5 Reasons to Fall Down the Rabbit Hole

When In Manila published an article, 5 Reasons Why You Should Start Using Fountain Pens. I must say I agree with all of them. Yes, even reasoon #5 that says fountain pens can be cheaper than disposable pens in the long run. They can be cheaper. If you can stop yourself from buying just one more pen and ooh, just this one last bottle of ink. It’s a happy problem to have, I know.

Anyway, when I try to talk to people about this hobby which has become the norm for me, I always point out that fountain pens are more environment friendly. If people stopped using disposable pens and started using fountain pens with bottled inks, imagine what kind of impact that could be on the environment. Considering the amount of plastic waste being generated by disposable products, choosing to use something that can last a lifetime and be refilled by bottled inks can make such a huge difference.

Check the article out. There’s also a coupon for a 10% to Everything Calligraphy’s store for a limited time.

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