A Birdie!

Birdie – Pilot Birdie (F) and De Atramentis Van Dyck Brown

I wrote in my last doodle entry that I wasn’t able to finish my last sketch because I dropped my Pilot Birdie nib-first and broke it. Thank God for nice people, one of the members of FPN-P agreed to give me one of hers and I can give her a few ink samples in exchange.

Today we met up, despite the rainy weather, and had a great mini pen meet. I enjoyed looking at her sketches too, what an awesome artist she is.

When I got home, I thought it only appropriate for my new Pilot Birdie’s first drawing to be…a birdie. Because one birdie in the hand is better than two on the floor. Harhar.

The ink I used on this is De Atramentis Van Dyck Brown from Elias Notebooks. I like the color of this ink for sketching. In person, it has a bit of a slight reddish tint to it. Fun fact, the color Van Dyck was derived from the style of a Flemish painter of the same name who used a pigment that’s earthy brown in color.

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