A Happy Shade of Blue

I’ve been looking for ink that is obviously blue but of a happier, less common shade. Not like ballpoint pen blue, but something a bit different and out of the ordinary. After trying out a lot of blue, I ordered one bottle of Diamine Asa Blue that came in the mail today.

asa blue

It reminds me of the color motif at one of our favorite Greek restos. This is a very vibrant, Mediterranean shade of blue. It also has a wet flow and shows good shading. It certainly flows better than the royally disappointing Parker Quink Blue and Blue Black. I think I’ll keep this in my weekly rotation of ink.

The ink color has a backstory, though, according to one member of FPN-P. Diamine’s director, Christine Joynson, told her that the inspiration for this color came about on a Mediterranean cruise. The singer on board the cruise ship had the most fantastic blue eyes. His name is Asa Murphy. Hence, Asa Blue. 🙂 Imagine how beautifully blue Mr. Murphy’s eyes must be. 

Oh, I also got the replacement 1.1mm Goulet nib that I ordered for my BX802. I wasn’t getting along very well with the stock Fine nib of Bexley so I had to replace it. Surprisingly, I love Goulet’s 1.1mm stub nibs so much. Now my Bexleys both have them. I think the silver-colored nib fits the BX802’s cracked ice acrylic much better. 🙂

two stubs

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