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Roundup: Colorverse Limited Edition Voyager I Set

I’ve finished reviewing the four bottles of ink that come in Colorverse’s Voyager I limited edition collection. That was truly an enjoyable set of reviews to write. As an ink set, I like that there’s two greens and two browns, all very different from each other but can be used as partners to complement one another.

There are two inks that dry up with a matte-like texture and more muted, subdued colors (Interstellar Space and Jupiter Flyby) and two that had a more vibrant hue (Pale Blue Dot and Golden Record). The names may be related to Voyager I and space travel, but for the most part, I really don’t think they fit the colors too much.

These are very beautiful colors. Some may be a little bit similar to inks I already have, but for the most part, I think they’re quite distinctive and eye-catching. They’re also well-behaved and have no flow-problems. I’ve included the RGB and Pantone information in the writing sample below. The literature that came in the box provided this information along with ph levels and other things I don’t find particularly useful but others might appreciate. I think that’s a very nice touch, and it certainly appeals to people who like to know even the littlest details about colors. The packaging is very well put together, well thought out. I like that the box uses an attractive combination of all the colors of the inks.

It’s hard to pick a favorite because I like all the colors a lot. Whether I use one ink on a page or a combination of one of the browns and one of the greens, they really stand out and pop on the page. If I really have to pick one favorite, I think I like Golden Record best and Pale Blue Dot a close second. I like that Golden Record is nicely saturated but the shading is very expressive so that the lighter parts of the lines look like they’re glowing orange and the thicker parts are sometimes red and sometimes brown.

This set is a bit on the expensive side, probably because it’s a limited edition and only 1977 sets were made. The 15ml bottles are small and it could really make it difficult to fill pens straight from the bottle, of course there are ways to make it work. The bottles are super cute. The downside is that you need to purchase this as a set, and none of the colors are available individually or in bigger bottles. Is it worth the price tag, I think that depends on whether you like the colors. Personally, I like all of them and there’s not one color that I wish isn’t included in the set, so I guess it’s worth it for me.

Here are the links to the individual reviews:
Pale Blue Dot
Jupiter Flyby
Interstellar Space
Golden Record

As I mentioned in previous posts, I got these inks through Everything Calligraphy. I am not sure if they will offer these inks as part of their regular stocks or if it’s solely on a pre-order basis, though. I hope I can try out other colors from this brand, Schrodinger and Cat looks interesting.

Ink Swab: Colorverse Golden Record

The last Colorverse Voyager I ink that I tried is called Golden Record, and wow it’s pretty gorgeous. It has warm orange and brown hues that remind me of the colors of autumn. It’s pretty striking in person. It’s inks like this that truly remind me of what I like best about fountain pen inks. The color is rich, has beautiful shading, and looks like the strokes have  been painted on. Ballpoint or rollerball pens will never achieve shading as gorgeous as this. The lines look like caramel pooling in some spots.

It flows moderate to wet and made my pen just glide on paper. It dries fast, at a little under 15 seconds. The color reminds me of Akkerman Hopjesbruin, but this is definitely more saturated, so the shading shows more varied shades of orange and brown. The contrast between the light and dark shades, together with the red component of the ink make it look like the lighter edges are glowing. It’s super beautiful. Here are a few writing samples. Continue reading “Ink Swab: Colorverse Golden Record”

Ink Swab: Colorverse Interstellar Space

The third ink I tried from the Colorverse Limited Edition Voyager I set is “Interstellar Space”, a puzzling name because the color doesn’t evoke anything about interstellar space. The color is actually an earthy, dusky green.

The ink is really gorgeous, though. I was like “wow, I wish this came in a BIG bottle”. It reminded me of De Atramentis Black Green, but it’s more saturated and has more green in it. It doesn’t have pronounced sheen or dramatic shading, but the color is oh, so delicious. I knew right away it would be a perfect complementary color to Jupiter Flyby.

I love that they both have this matte-like texture after they’ve dried on paper. The colors look striking, and it kind of gives me that vintage-y vibe. Interstellar Space looks like green with a bit of grey thrown in, like camo-green.

The flow is, for me, a consistently moderate flow. I used a Parker 51 pen with a medium nib for the writing sample and journal entry.

It dries moderately fast, at a little over 20 seconds. It’s not water proof or water resistant, and leaves behind a faint green line after soaking a few seconds. Here are a few close ups of the writing sample. Continue reading “Ink Swab: Colorverse Interstellar Space”

Ink Swab: Colorverse Jupiter Flyby

The second Colorverse Limited Edition Voyager I ink that I tried is the Jupiter Flyby. Pretty cool name, and I like that this color is actually quite close to the color profile of the planet Jupiter. This is a pale brown ink, it reminds me of the color of foundation or concealer. When wet, the color if the ink is very different, it’s reddish brown. Almost like the color of rust. When it dries up, it becomes this very mellow shade of brown, which is pretty cute.

The color is a beautiful match to my Kaweco Macchiato. The shading is very pronounced on this ink, and though I find the rust color (when wet) very interesting, I think the color it dries to is pretty nice as well. I would recommend a wet writer for this one because it writes a bit dryer than moderate. The writing sample above was made with my Kaweco pen with a medium nib. So far, I’ve been using it for a week and the flow has been consistent.

I like that it matches really well with Colorverse Pale Blue Dot. It provides a very nice contrast of color and when used together, they really pop on the page.

The ink dries quickly, at a little less than 15 seconds. It has a very subtle (almost imperceptible) green sheen, which you can only see if you use a wet writer. It’s not the most striking ink in the collection, but I like that it’s a nice, delicate brown shade that will go very well with other blue and green inks. Here are a few close ups of the writing sample. Continue reading “Ink Swab: Colorverse Jupiter Flyby”

Ink Swab: Colorverse Pale Blue Dot

Up first in my Colorverse Voyager I series of reviews is this gorgeous teal-colored Pale Blue Dot. To be honest, I picked this first because I thought I would like this color the least. It’s always been a hit and miss for me when it comes to teal ink. Either I really love it or I really want to throw it out the window. That’s the rub about buying boxed sets, you sometimes end up with one color that you don’t like that much, I thought that for this set it would be this color. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it, though.

I was happy to see that it wasn’t too light or bright-colored. It’s a dark teal that leans more towards the green spectrum. It has pretty nice shading, which is quite nice to see in saturated inks. It’s certainly very eye-catching. It’s saturated enough to make it suitable for everyday writing. There’s a slight red sheen but it’s not crazy-sheening on the level of OS inks or RO Fire and Ice.

It dries up moderately fast, at a little under 20 seconds using a wet-writing medium nib on Tomoe River paper. It’s not waterproof or water resistant, it leaves a faint green line behind. It washes nicely with water if you want to use it for drawings. I would put the flow at a moderate to wet, depending on the nib, YMMV. Using it with my medium nibbed Pilot VP was a pleasure. It flowed really well and made the nib just glide on paper.

Here are a few close ups of the writing sample…

Continue reading “Ink Swab: Colorverse Pale Blue Dot”