Beer Batter

I recently started a journal that’s all about cooking and food. It’s not a compilation of recipes but more on my thoughts about the process of cooking and learning about it. Anything I find interesting about food and our relationship with it. This particular entry is about using beer in fish fillet batter and why it tastes so much better. I’ve never liked drinking alcohol. Back when I was younger, I used to drink but strictly just to go along with work friends. I hated how alcohol tastes, especially beer. I hated how I felt while drinking and especially after drinking. I think I can count with one hand the number of times I tried drinking alcohol. So I was hesitant at first about using it in the batter for fish fillet. Surprisingly, the resulting dish doesn’t taste like beer at all. The batter is crunchy and remains crunchy longer, and the fish inside is moist and tender. Beer and its components help the cooking process along. It’s pretty interesting, these transformations that are invisible to the eyes that happen while food cooks.

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