Blaze Wu Handmade Calligraphy Inks

Everything Calligraphy was kind enough to send me some samples of the recent addition to their product line–Blaze Wu handmade calligraphy inks. I truly enjoy testing these inks out. The colors are great, and the ink is nicely viscous so that it plays very well with the c3 nib I bought to try these inks out.

Here’s a short (well, as short as I can manage with 8 different colors) rundown and description of each ink.

Murky Clouds Obscure the Sun
What a very long name. This one’s dark grey with sparkly silver sheen. Look at that sparkle! Kinda reminds me of stormy grey but the sparkly bits are finer and more pronounced here. A friendly tip, don’t forget to stir well as you dip so that the glittery particles will be evenly distributed.


This really reminds me of silver linings around clouds. I like the base color of grey. Here’s a closer look at this ink:

Victoria’s Velvety Skirt

This one’s a nice rose color. It’s bright and happy, and does look a bit velvety. This soft, old-rose base has a gold sheen to it.


It’s a very pleasant, soft-looking color. A few close ups of the writing sample:

Gloomy Cloud
This one’s not glittery or glamorous, but it’s a nice shade of dark blue. More close up photos of the writing sample below. It’s a nice contrast to the other bling-y ink.


Summer Afternoon Sunlight

This is so gold. So very, very gold. Like, Rumplestiltskin kind of gold. I think this would work better with black paper, or any other darker colored paper, not white. Unless you blend it with a different color of calligraphy ink. Still, it’s quite pretty and has a lot of gold particles. Paired with the right kind of paper, this could be really gorgeous.

Silent Stone

This is one of my favorites. It’s like a soft brown color, with very toned-down sparkly particles. It reminds me of glittery brown eye makeup. I like it because the subtle sparkle gives it an old rose kind of glow. It comes off nicely when it dries.


Dragon Scales
Ah, I think this is my favorite of all the Blaze Wu inks I tried. Does it have something to do with the very magical-sounding name? Haha. It certainly helped. Dragon scales is an interesting muddy-green kind of color. Like how a dragon’s skin would look like, I imagine. It’s earthy, kind of reptilian. The sparkles give it a magical-looking glow. I’m pretty much in love with it. It’s very eye-catching, in a dragon-y sort of way.


Soot Cloud
This is also one of my favorites, although it’s not glittery at all. It has some sheen to it but it’s not what I would call bling-y. This looks like black with a very subtle hint of purple. I like it because it’s velvety and dark and it spreads out on paper so nicely, it’s kinda delicious. 🙂


We Sacrifice, O Lord
This one is brilliant red, not bloody red. While I was writing with it, the wet ink reminded me of strawberry jam, or sparkly red nail polish. When it dried, the gold bits became more obvious. Definitely a bling-y ink.


I had so much fun testing out all these inks. Overall, I think I love Dragon Scales, Soot Cloud, and Silent Stone best, in that order. They’re all quite beautiful ink, though. So much fun to use. 🙂

Blaze Wu handmade calligraphy inks are available at Everything Calligraphy.


3 thoughts on “Blaze Wu Handmade Calligraphy Inks

  1. I love the ink reviews and am in awe of your beautiful journals. Would you consider comparing inks in one review…for example the greens? and have you experimented with dark dark blues?

  2. Thank you for your kind comments. Yes, I’ve been planning on writing that kind of ink review but I haven’t had the time to start on it yet. Soon, hopefully. ^_^

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