Bumble Bee


I wrote a few days ago about Curnow A5 Tomoe River journal. I discovered that it really does hold up pretty well even if I use some water on it. Fountain pen ink is pretty amazing when you add a little bit of water to it. The color spreads out and dries beautifully. I like that the paper makes for very interesting textures when you add a touch of water to pen and ink drawings. The thinness of the paper adds a very interesting appeal to the overall finished drawing. It’s also great that the colors of the ink stay vibrant after drying.

Here’s a closer look at the bee before it was finished.


This journal is available from PenGrafik.com, supplies are limited. This paper is a lot of fun if you like to draw, especially with fountain pens and inks. How surprising that a paper this thin and delicate-looking can be so hardy.

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