Canon Mini Photo Printer First Impressions

The Canon Mini Photo printer has been around a few years, but I’ve never been an early adapter to anything, honestly. I’ve been journaling a lot more since the pandemic, though. Quite a bit more than I usually do (and I usually do write a lot). I missed having a photo printer, my old HP printer broke down because the cat peed on it lol. I thought I’d look into these cute little pocket printers I’ve been eyeing for a while now. I was hoping to get the Mi pocket printer but it’s always out of stock locally. My second option was the HP Sprocket, but while searching for the Sprocket in Lazada, I came across this little gem in the Canon flagship store and it was on sale. I bought it on Friday and yesterday (Saturday), it was delivered. I was pretty impressed with how often the status was updated and how quickly it was delivered.

It also came with this pouch, which in the product photos looked kinda meh (definitely would not really add to the motivation to buy) but in person, it’s pretty cute.

There flap has a metallic close, and it has a little pouch that can hold extra Zink sheets or your blue smart card if you need to use it again. It’s also thick and sturdy, so the printer is properly protected. At least I won’t need to buy a case for the printer anymore. The printer itself is pretty compact and light although it feels solidly built. Feels like a pocket wifi modem. I like the sleek lines around it and I’m happy that I chose the unit that has a grey-colored back panel instead of rose gold because the print on the cover is grey too. The top panel snaps and slides up (in the direction of that little grey arrow) which opens the compartment where you can put the Zink paper. Putting the paper inside is pretty easy. Just put the refill with the blue paper facing down. There’s illustrations on the package of the Zink paper so it’s hard to get this wrong. Snap the cover back on and you should be good to go.

On one end of the printer is the slot where the paper comes out.

On the other end are the charging port, charging indicator light, reset button, and that little slot where you can insert a wrist strap if you want to. It’s certainly fitting, since you can comfortably carry this in your hand or around your neck if you want.

The power  button is to the side. The unit comes completely discharged so I had to take a few minutes to charge it enough to be able to update the firmware through the Canon Mini Print app (about 30 minutes, if I recall correctly). Judging by online reviews, the battery doesn’t last too long. Just enough to print about 20 sheets.

The printer uses Zink, which is zero ink technology. The refill is quite small, just 2x3in, but it’s enough if you just want to stick the photos to your journal or carry them around in your wallet. After installing the Canon Mini Print app, you can connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts. This way you can print photos from your online albums as well as albums on your phone. There’s an option to create collages and print those out. The collage feature could be a bit more user-friendly, but it’s okay. It’s relatively easy to use. It just needs a more intuitive interface, I think. For my regular journaling needs, the size of one photo is big enough, though I also tried using the collage feature to divide the sheet to four and then cut them up after printing. That works too, but I actually think dividing the frame to two is the smallest I’m willing to go for my journals.

Printing out takes about 20 seconds per photo. The quality isn’t exactly the same as your photos. Zink paper has its limitations, to be sure, but I actually really like the output. It has a certain old-timey charm to it. I like the colors they produce, they remind me of lomography, and I think they’re pretty awesome for their intended use.

The unit came with 10 pcs of Zink paper. I was pleasantly surprised that even if the back is adhesive the protective paper at the back doesn’t come off easily. This means that if you don’t want to use the photo’s sticky back or if you want to keep the photo in your wallet instead of sticking it on your journal, then the protective paper at the back won’t easily slip off. With the protective paper on, the photo printed feels sufficiently stiff and thick enough. When the protective paper is peeled off, the photo is thinner but it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. It has this glossy texture and it easily and securely sticks on paper.

Overall, I really like it a lot. I’m glad I bought it as a journaling accessory. At the time that I bought it, it was on sale so I got it at almost 40% discount. Pretty sweet deal for a wonderful little gadget.


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