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Review: Kolibri Series 333 Miniature Brushes

I recently purchased this brush set called Kolibri Series 333 from ArtNebulaPH for detail painting. I bought it specifically because I wanted to try a different look for the little food sketches I include in my Hobonichi Cousin’s weekly spread. I was pretty happy with the little sketches but these are really just quick drawings that aren’t too detailed. They’re what I call my daily writing/art ritual, something I did to get my mind focused on one thing for a few moments before I logged in for work. I’ve been doing these little sketches for about a year and a half already and I was hoping to change it. I had in mind the little food illustrations in cute washi tapes–more like paintings than quick sketches–but I knew I needed smaller brushes for that. I’m really happy that I purchased these miniature brushes. They really made adding little details to the paintings a lot easier.

I picked the set that has red sable brushes rather than the synthetic ones, since I will be using these for watercolors. The set has a #4 flat brush, and 2, 0, 5/0 round brushes. The brushes that I use most are the 0 and 5/0. I like that they can load more water than I expected them to; enough to make painting small things comfortable enough without  having to dip the brush in water too often. At first I thought the brushes would fray often and not hold their points but after just a few minutes of using it, I got used to the pace of how often I should dip, and the brushes really held their points so well.

I think the brushes are really easy to hold and they’re a joy to work with. They pick up water easily and it’s easy to lay them down and control the strokes. I’ve had a lot of fun layering these small food paintings. The brushes don’t dump too much water unintentionally either, they’re really easy to control. The 5/0 brush can lay down really fine lines, finer than the finest fineliner I have (say that 10 times, fast).

I think I can go smaller with the paintings, too. Maybe I’ll try that this weekend. So far I’ve only used them on illustrations that fit the daily columns on the Hobonichi Cousin’s weekly spread.

I need a lot of practice and a lighter hand on the pigments, but overall I’m happy with the results. I  need to work on it some more to achieve the look that I’m hoping for, but I feel I’m on the right track. These little paintings are so cute, they look even better in person. The little details are just so much fun to look at. These detail brushes give really great value for money. I’m very happy with them.

A Happy Mess of Stamps and Stamp Pads


Today, the rest of my stamp pad purchases from Crafty Lane arrived through a courier. I added the flower pot set to my collection because I thought the colors were really pretty. Suffice it to say that I made a happy mess on my table today. I’m very happy with my experience with Crafty Lane. Prompt responses, no hassle payment and shipping methods. Her prices are very reasonable too. *high five, sis!* I don’t see these stamp pads in book stores (or maybe I’m just not looking?), so I’m really happy they’re available online. These online craft shops are pretty awesome.


Since it’s my first time to try out stamp pads, I’m surprised that there are so many colors available. Honestly, my only idea about stamp pads are those you use at the office (watery, dark purple ink). These are pretty different. I love the vibrant colors and how they really just pop on the page.

(L-R) Lilac Posies, Spanish Olive, Potter’s Clay, Ocean Depth, Red Brick

The top colors are the first ones that I tried. Lilac Posies is scented, and I love the color but it has a tendency to bleed through paper. I would recommend using this on thicker kinds of paper. I think the Memento stamps in my collection (Lilac Posies and Potter’s Clay) are a bit more watery than the others because they’re made of dye ink. The texture feels different. Potter’s Clay doesn’t bleed as much, though. I would recommend just a few dabs on these before applying the stamp on paper.


The flowerpot collection is pretty awesome. I absolutely love the colors. Aside from Lilac Posies and Brick Red, the rest of my collection uses chalk ink, so it feels a bit thicker. They’re not very prone to bleed through paper, either.


The way these stamp pads are designed makes it easy to get the ink on stamps, even if they are small. Plus, they’re pretty easy to carry around in a pencil case. I’m not really sure what they’re made of, it feels like a dense cake that holds a lot of ink. Just a few light dabs on them is enough to get sufficient ink on the stamps.

Here’s an example of how I used stamp pads on my journal entries. I’m still feeling my way around it, but it’s super fun and that’s really all that matters.


To me, the greatest pleasure of writing is not what it’s about, but the inner music the words make. ~Truman Capote

Hobby Depot Stash


Oh the wonders of online shopping. 🙂 I got these lovely goodies from Hobby Depot today and I couldn’t be happier. I love it when online sellers are responsive, patient with your questions and requests (even when you ask them late at night), get the details of your order right, and package it with care. Great job, really.


So I got me two different kinds of letters and numbers rubber stamps set. I’m pretty happy with them, especially the airport font (foreground). Pretty awesome typography love right there.


I also got these two stamps with handles, one has a long and large, comfortable wood handle, and the other has this steel handle with the fake patina to give it a vintage vibe.


Also threw in a few decorative paper tapes. All in all, a pretty nice stash, and I’m glad for the hassle-free shopping. 🙂

Marryl Crafts Stamps


I just got these clear stamps from Marryl Crafts today and I’m so excited to use them. Last week I got these awesome Versa Dew Drops stamp pads from Crafty Lane and I was pretty excited to use them because the colors are just gorgeous. More on that in a separate post, soon. 🙂


I picked the Joyful Planning sticker set and No-Slip Stamp Blocks. The package came all the way from Cebu and it came with cute little cards and a paper bow clip. It’s my first time to try to incorporate stamps in my journal and planner so I’m really looking forward to learning this. I find so many planner addicts that have such a great talent for making cohesive designs by combining stamps, calligraphy, stickers, tapes, etcetera. I like the idea of incorporating these things in my journal to make it more visual, but I’m more of a doodle and watercolor kind of gal. Incorporating many design elements sound like a fun thing to learn.


For those who have not yet tried clear stamps, these are acrylic stamps that let you assemble your own stamp elements on an acrylic block. Since the blocks are clear, you can also clearly see where the stamps are going on the page. These clear stamps are naturally adhesive so they stick on acrylic blocks easily and you can also easily remove them and stick them back to their clear plastic sheets.


It’s a pretty fun concept, and it gives you plenty of ways to mix and match your own stamps.


I picked the Joyful Planning stickers because I wanted to start with making my daily to-do’s a little bit prettier. I’m not really the flowers and ribbons kind of girl, so it will be interesting for me to find the right style for a visual planner. 🙂


Here’s something I started on earlier today on my Field Notes. Still waiting on the additional washi tapes and stamps that should be arriving this week. 🙂 Let the adventure begin!