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My husband┬á bought me a set of compressed charcoal sticks last Sunday. I’ve always been curious about using charcoal and I’ve tried it a few times before but I never really sat down and got into it before. It’s quite challenging but fun. I enjoyed doing this corn a lot because I learned from it. I am looking forward to learning more.


KleverCase for Kindle Paperwhite

Finally, after weeks of waiting, I finally got my KleverCase. I ordered this on August 21, and it arrived at the Las Pinas post office on 9/7 but (our post office being the black hole that it is), I didn’t get a notice that it has already arrived. Good thing I called them this morning, and I was told to just come by and pick it up. I was really looking for a Kindle Paperwhite case that looked unique and old-school, and something I can personalize. I thought this is perfect for what I wanted.

The cover was packed securely, and I love all the little details on it. It even shows who made the case (thanks, Lotty!). This is a small business that hand-binds the covers as they are ordered, so I am really happy that they shipped out the case two days after I placed my order.

I had “The Serial Doodler” printed out on the spine, and I specifically asked for the bookplate to be patterned after something I read in one of my favorite books when I was young. I used to write this on the first page of my books when I was young. I chose this because it brings back happy memories of my childhood, and how my mom encouraged me to read at an early age.

The case is not textured, it feels like a hardbound book. As it says on a sticker on the cover, don’t bend the flap back. You need to hold it like how you would hold a real hardbound book. It’s also not a smart cover. It has no magnets anywhere but it closes the book just fine and it lays down almost flat too.

I thought it would be a bit heavy but turns out it’s even lighter than my current smart case. Here is what it looks like with the Kindle inserted in the holder.

I think it’s pretty neat. It has limitations, things it can’t do that smart covers can do, but I guess that’s part of the analog charm. I like that it doesn’t bend all the way back (because hardbound covers aren’t supposed to). I like the auto-sleep function of my old smartcover but I have a feeling I won’t really miss it that much. I’m curious how long this will hold up, considering I just pop my Kindle in my bag whenever I leave the house.

I wish it didn’t take soooo loooong to get here but I honestly think that it’s worth the wait. Also, it arrived a week before my birthday, so I guess it got here just in time.

Project #3: Carrier for my eBook Reader


Here’s something I worked on several weeks ago. It’s a leather pouch for my ebook reader. I named it my Kobo Karrier haha. I consider it a practice piece because the texture and thickness of the leather isn’t what I really wanted to use for it, but I haven’t found the time to go to Marikina yet to shop for leather hides.


I had difficulties sewing the seams for this piece, and mostly because I made measurement mistakes when I started the project. If there’s one thing I really need to get a handle on, it’s that. I need to be patient, measure twice, cut once. In any case, it worked out okay in the end.


I’m thinking of a smart cover as project #4, but perhaps I’m just going to redo this piece using the kind of leather I really like. The reader (together with its current smart cover)fits comfortably inside the pouch. I made a pen loop for it and an external pocket too.


It holds my mobile phone securely, but I wanted to use it to carry around a little notebook and my pen, for when I want to take notes while reading. ­čÖé Overall, I enjoyed making this and I really learned a lot from it. I’m already looking forward to my next project.

Handmade Leather Pen Holders

I’m always on the lookout for leatherworking workshops here in the south. It’s always somewhere in Quezon City, and I’ve never had the chance to join one because of how far the workshop venue usually are. So I was really excited when @beatnikmnl announced a basic leatherworking workshop at @commonroomph Alabang Town Center last October 14. I signed up right away.

I really enjoyed the workshop, and I did learn the┬á basic skills that I needed in order to complete the personal projects that I had in mind. I wanted to make my own pen cases that are specifically tailor-made for the kinds of pens that I use. I am a fan of bespoke pen cases, though it’s always a challenge to have something made that fits your pens like a glove unless I decide to send my pens to the person who’s making my cases. I thought that this would be a fun skill to learn. We took home some extra materials that we could use to make our own projects. I picked a square piece of dark brown, full-grain leather. After the workshop, I went home and made my first pen slip for my two Kaweco Liliput pens.


I liked the pen slip that I made for my Kawecos, though I did modify this after a few days to make the pens easier to pull out. Today, I made another pen case for my other pocket pens; Kaweco Sport cappuccino and cognac, and a Sailor Progear Mini.


Here’s what it looks like with the flap open. Beside it is the modified pen slip for my Kaweco Liliput pens, I carved a half-circle so that the pens are easier to pull out. The fit was just right, but since the pens were so slim, I needed some space for my fingers to grip on the edge and pull them out comfortably. The half-circle I carved was just right for that.


It was a challenge to get the size of the flap right so that it fits through the loop, I wish I didn’t run out of leather so that I could have made the flap longer. I like the finished case, though.


The pens fit perfectly and are easy to slip in and pull out. I think the fit will be much better after a few days, when the leather becomes more molded to the shape of the pens.


I didn’t burnish the sides of the case too much, I like the finish to be a little raw and rustic-looking. For my next pen case project, I think I’ll pick a thicker/stiffer leather and try burnishing the edges.


I attached my little Kaweco medallion from my old leather pen case as a finishing touch. I wanted to add decorative stitches to the flaps but I decided against it. There’s a lot of room for improvement,┬á but for a first attempt, I think I like it just fine.

I enjoyed BeatnikMNL’s workshop a lot because it gave me an insight on how much effort is involved in making handcrafted leather goods. From picking the kind of leather and threads, sourcing good supplies, making patterns, measuring out the seams and stitches, punching holes, stitching, etcetera, etcetera… A lot of time and skill is needed in order to produce a good piece. I need to develop the patience it takes to measure (and measure again) before I cut because I wasted a lot of leather due to taking shortcuts in measurements. It was really therapeutic, though. I felt so calm and serene as I worked with my hands.

I definitely have a deeper appreciation and respect for leathercrafters now, and I think that these artisans that hold workshops for people who want to learn how to make their own leather goods are investing wisely on educating others about handmade items. I’m definitely going to support local artisans this upcoming holiday season.

Dream Catchin’

Dream catcher

I made this little painting a few weeks ago. I’ve made other dream catchers before but this is the first I’m actually happy with, despite the simplicity of the design of the strings. It’s kinda hard to make them all line up exactly as they should. It’s a slow month for watercolors, considering it’s World Watercolor Month. I wish I had more time to play, but I guess we just squeeze in as much fun as we can manage. ^_^