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A Birdie!

Birdie – Pilot Birdie (F) and De Atramentis Van Dyck Brown

I wrote in my last doodle entry that I wasn’t able to finish my last sketch because I dropped my Pilot Birdie nib-first and broke it. Thank God for nice people, one of the members of FPN-P agreed to give me one of hers and I can give her a few ink samples in exchange.

Today we met up, despite the rainy weather, and had a great mini pen meet. I enjoyed looking at her sketches too, what an awesome artist she is.

When I got home, I thought it only appropriate for my new Pilot Birdie’s first drawing to be…a birdie. Because one birdie in the hand is better than two on the floor. Harhar.

The ink I used on this is De Atramentis Van Dyck Brown from Elias Notebooks. I like the color of this ink for sketching. In person, it has a bit of a slight reddish tint to it. Fun fact, the color Van Dyck was derived from the style of a Flemish painter of the same name who used a pigment that’s earthy brown in color.

Unfinished: 2063 E. Pascua St.


It’s been a while since I last tried to finish a drawing. This one is unfinished and will remain unfinished because *sob* I dropped my favorite drawing pen and bent the nib’s tines before I could even finish this.

This is a drawing of the street where we grew up. The house on the foreground was where we lived for several years. It’s a pretty colorful community. The house was already run down when we were living there, and it looked different the last time we passed by it (last week), but it’s still hanging in there. Times were tough while we were growing up, we had very humble beginnings. My parents and brothers were the best, though. That’s the best part of my childhood memories. Hay, 2063 E. Pascua. I’ll always remember you and the lessons I learned there.

Also, RIP my little Pilot Birdie. Thanks for the memories. ­čÖü

Doodlebox: Green Sea Turtle

Pilot Birdie (F) with Diamine Ochre

A green sea turtle I drew last night before going to bed.

I must say, this Pilot Birdie is really good for drawing little details. It was a gift from my husband last year but I didn’t use it because it’s a Japanese fine, so it’s like xf, almost like a needlepoint for me. I only use medium points or european fine nibs. Turns out it’ll be perfect for doodling and drawing, who knew? ­čÖé

Doodlebox: New Fishies


My husband didn’t like the Orinda Goldfish that I drew earlier because of the bump on the forehead, so I drew him new ones. Proper goldfishies without bumps on the head, just the way he likes it. I should’ve used orange ink, but whatevs.