Coffeehouse Mysteries


Here’s my journal entry about my latest literary junk food, the Coffeehouse Mystery series. It’s a series of novels that centered around the main character, Clare Cosi, who managed a landmark specialty coffee shop in New York. It had coffee and murder mystery, so that was pretty much a no-brainer for me. It’s easy and light reading, a comfortable break from my usual books.

As a coffee fan who is just beginning to find my way around the wonderful world of coffee, this series is quite fun to read. This isn’t the kind of mystery novel that is drawn out and is an intricately-spun world on paper. This is more like a mature version of Nancy Drew on caffeine. Simple, straightforward, easy. I love all the references to food and coffee, but I can understand that other readers might find it a bit repetitive and tiresome. The coffee tidbits don’t exactly fit naturally in conversations the way it was written, and these parts tend to be too wordy. I enjoy them though. I wouldn’t call it too well-written; the main character isn’t really well-developed and isn’t too likeable, many of the characters are either cliche or trying too hard to be different, and the stories are just too short for any significant character or plot development. Still, they’re fun to read.

I’m on my 5th book now. Every time I read it, I can almost smell roasted beans. I love the combination of Yamabukiiro and Lie de The in my journal entry. An earthy yellow and the color of tea dregs. In person, the combination gives off a warm vibe, and looks really beautiful on the page because Yamabukiiro complements the yellow undertones of Lie de The quite nicely.

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