Enmity of Biblical Proportions

Today’s journal entry is about rape culture. I’ve been following the case of a woman who was a fellow in a national writing workshop claiming that she was raped by one of the panelists. I’m glad that writers and professors have spoken out about this, but it really showed me how issues like this can tear apart a community. If the accused is well-liked, successful, beloved by the people around him, it makes it that much harder to even imagine that maybe he made a terrible mistake. Of course everyone is entitled to the presumption of innocence, but what’s more telling for me is the attitude towards the woman involved. Society has never been kind towards girls who don’t present as anything like the rape victims of noontime telenovelas. When women come out with their stories of sexual abuse, there’s always the attitude that implies they need to prove they didn’t want it in the first place. What were they wearing? What were they drinking? What time of the day is it? Who were they drinking with? Did she struggle enough? The way some people think, only chaste women get raped.

At church, how many sermons have I heard about Dinah making trouble for her family by walking by herself in a foreign land and getting herself raped? A lot. How many sermons have I heard teaching men NOT to rape? Zero. Literally, zero.

Looking at the attitude of some people towards the victim, I wonder why people can’t believe that more often than not, there’s not much to be gained by coming out with their accusations. This is emotionally exhausting for them, to be retraumatized and revictimized, and now in a very public way. With everything that women have to put up with when they come out with their terrible stories of sexual assault, the least you can do is truly listen.

One thought on “Enmity of Biblical Proportions

  1. Dear thoughtful heartful human,
    What you said touches me, not beos I have experienced such (though once a “friend” made a rough choice which frightened me), but rather becos you are so correct on the count–women: Daily lectures in one form or the other, men: Not a syllable ever, even if convicted. I find myself at my advanced age being even more dedicated to the idea No is NO underlined, all caps, !! points to infinity-NO!!! To me, a person forfeits his right to exist with other humans when this rule is ignored (I would say broken, but they don’t believe it’s a rule).
    I love the illusion of safety I have had all my life. I love the illusion of freedom. It extends right up until it doesn’t exist anymore. I pray for it to exist on out til the end of my life and then be mercifully passed on to my nieces and nephews. Thank you for what you’ve writ. Nobody wants to think badly of another, we all want our people to act in safe and kind ways. I’m going to continue to embrace my life and pay strict attention to the hairs on the back of my neck. God gave those to me to warn and I would be remiss to ignore. Fair winds, good birding, A

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