Gav and Sav Pen Rolls and Journal Covers

I wasn’t able to go to the Manila Pen Show last Month because I had some schedule conflicts. I was pretty bummed out so imagine how delighted I was when one of my friends from the Fountain Pen Network Philippines sent me some stuff she got for me from the pen show. These items are from Gav and Sav. I love how these sets are really tailor-made for penthusiasts. I got three different sets (well, two actually, one’s for my husband) and my friend picked a color profile that she knew I absolutely loved–greens and browns.

I like that the fabric on the pen rolls are not too soft. This is great because it gives pens that extra protection while they’re in your bag. I’m currently using these two rolls. Aren’t they pretty? I love the fabric they used on these rolls, especially the one with the sketches of bugs and botanical illustrations.

I think they pick really nice fabric designs. The green and  brown wrap has this rigid outer cover, the shorter wrap doesn’t. I’ve always preferred using leather cases for my pens, but you need to be careful when using or making your own leather cases because it can sometimes cause discoloration on the metal parts of your pen. That’s not a problem with fabric pen rolls.

Here’s what it looks like inside. It can hold six pens, and the fabric’s texture is stiff enough so that you can easily slip the clip through the fabric.

I prefer the design of the pen roll below, though. This one houses 8 pens but it has no flap, so I can easily draw the pens if I need them. Just don’t put thin pens or those with a smooth lacquer finish because it can slip out. It’s best to store this wrap vertically in your bag just to make sure the pens don’t slip out. I know it’s less secure than the design above, but I still like how accessible the pens are.

There’s also a two-pen case, which I think is cute. It has another pocket at the back of the two slots where you can store a third pen or a ruler. There’s no divider in the third slot.

This one’s pretty cute:

It’s a pen kimono. You can fit a single pen in it. I close it this way…

I think that’s really cute.

Here are the notebook covers below. They fit A5 journals. I know pen and paper lovers will absolutely love this. I think that color-coordinated notebook covers and pen cases are awfully cute.

These are lovingly made and I really appreciate that the people behind Gav and Sav gave such effort to make these for the fountain pen community.

If you’re interested in getting these sets, check out their IG account: @gavandsav.

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