Global Art Materials Travelogue Watercolor Journal

Watercolor is a relatively new fascination for me. This phase is always fun because everything is new. There’s nothing like the joy of discovering new watercolor paints, brushes, and paper. I like to try out a lot of brands until I find something I can settle for consistently (much like how I went through a crazy phase of trying out every fountain pen-friendly paper before I settled for Tomoe River). I thought I’d write about some paper discoveries so I can go back and revisit them someday too.

I found the Global Art Materials Travelogue Watercolor Journal at the website of Stationer Extraordinaire while checking out Kaweco pens. It’s bigger than Moleskine’s watercolor journal and has a nice cover. I thought I’d try it out.


The journal is 8.25 x 8.25 inches in size and has 30 leaves (60 pages) of acid-free, 200gsm cold-pressed paper. It’s square and it lies down flat as a rectangle. I really like that it lays down flat so easily, and the hard cover makes it even more convenient to use when sketching outdoors. The paper is 200gsm cold pressed paper. There’s no information about cotton content but I’m pretty sure it has very little cotton content in it. The paper is a bit similar to Moleskine’s watercolor journal, except it has more texture. The paper can handle several layers of light washes, though it warps a little bit. It’s not too bad, though. I think it’s better suited to ink and wash paintings where there’s not too much layering involved.


I like how the paper is textured, it looks really nice after the paint dries. It also takes fountain pen inks pretty well. I can write my journal entries after painting, or use fountain pen inks for drawing, and there’s no feathering as it dries. This journal’s pretty new so I haven’t finished too many pages yet. Here are a few.

Global Art Materials Travelogue Watercolor Journal

Global Art Materials Travelogue Watercolor Journal



Here are a few closeup photos, hopefully it shows the texture of the paper.





Overall, I’m enjoying it a lot. It’s a great watercolor journal to take with you outdoors. The linen hard cover is also really pretty and functional.

2 thoughts on “Global Art Materials Travelogue Watercolor Journal

  1. Paper looks good. I’d love to try this someday, maybe after I’m done filling up my Moleskine. Though admittedly I’m a bit averse to using bigger/wider sketchbooks because I can’t seem to fill up a page in one sitting and that frustrates me for some reason. My Ate and my Kuya (both artists/painters) bought me lots of 9×12″ and 11×14″ sketchbooks last year. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to conquer at least one of them this year. ;o)

    I’ve grown so comfortable with my usual A5 (Moleskine, Monologue, Strathmore, etc.), B6 (Paperthinks), and the regular TN insert. Sooner or later, I know I’ll have to push myself out of that comfort zone.

    Oh, and beautiful watercolor renderings! You have that eye for details.

  2. I love Handbooks for travel watercolor sketches! Cheaper than Moleskines, and the paper’s nicer too. I particularly enjoy the landscape Handbooks- they would be ideal for strip style travel comics.

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