Gold. Greed. God.

My journal entry today is about the history behind the legendary city of El Dorado. It’s about how Spanish Conquistadors “civilized” the Muiscas of Colombia and looted their gold. They thought that the Muiscas had a secret stash of gold somewhere because they had an overabundance of it in every household, and they threw away gold items everywhere. They didn’t understand that the Muiscas didn’t see gold as something to be hoarded but as items to be surrendered in an act of worship. What followed sounded so familiar, with our country being a colony of Spain for centuries. The Muiscas were forced to give up their gold, their way of life, and their religion. It’s yet another dark chapter in the history of Christianity.

I enjoyed drawing this imaginary building in the imaginary city of El Dorado. It’s a small drawing but there’s a lot of details involved. It was very therapeutic for me because I feel that focusing on the little details of the drawing forces my mind to let go of the noisy thoughts that are swirling around in my head. It was very relaxing.