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PB228746My brother bought me this cute Moleskine journal during his HK trip last week. Moleskines aren’t known for holding up well to wet writers, but I found that they take fine nibs, chalk-based stamp pads and (surprisingly) brush pens just fine. It’s also super-cute. I absolutely love The Little Prince! I find the color theme of this notebook (cover, bands, etc) as such a happy and vibrant color theme. Very fitting. 🙂

I decided that I would use it as my Gratitude Journal.


Whether you are religious or not, being conscious of the things you are grateful for can add so much sweetness to your life. It neutralizes the negative thinking and helps you focus on the things that are going right. It helps you have a hopeful and positive attitude. As a Christian, having a grateful attitude is important for me because God has done so much in my life. Sometimes it’s so easy to take that for granted. The Bible tells us that we should always have a thankful attitude. It’s amazing how uplifting writing down your thanksgiving items in a journal is. Even if it’s for something as silly as…


Of course you can include doodles, washi tapes, stamps, watercolor paintings (if your notebook can handle that), calligraphy, photographs and other things to make your gratitude journal as fun and possible.

Here is a nice article about how a grateful attitude and keeping a gratitude journal can help your overall well-being.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal

  1. Was just re-organizing my WordPress account and noticed you posted. Apparently, I subscribed to your blog a while ago but since I haven’t regularly checked WordPress, your posts were left un-noticed. That is now fixed.

    That Moleskine is just precious! And of course, your doodles make it even more special. I really should start a gratitude journal. I keep trying to but I already have so many different notebooks that I’m going through, I don’t want to add another one. I really need to start condensing.

    1. Hello! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂 Having so many notebooks for so many different purposes is such a fun problem to have, huh? Haha. Anyway, I have yet to trim down the notebooks I keep daily too. It’s just that every time I try it, the obsessive compulsive critters in my brain panic because I’m not segregating things properly. ^_^

      1. EXACTLY! You understand. Just the idea of having everything in one place disorganized make me nervous. I need to categorize everything.

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