Hobby Depot Stash


Oh the wonders of online shopping. 🙂 I got these lovely goodies from Hobby Depot today and I couldn’t be happier. I love it when online sellers are responsive, patient with your questions and requests (even when you ask them late at night), get the details of your order right, and package it with care. Great job, really.


So I got me two different kinds of letters and numbers rubber stamps set. I’m pretty happy with them, especially the airport font (foreground). Pretty awesome typography love right there.


I also got these two stamps with handles, one has a long and large, comfortable wood handle, and the other has this steel handle with the fake patina to give it a vintage vibe.


Also threw in a few decorative paper tapes. All in all, a pretty nice stash, and I’m glad for the hassle-free shopping. 🙂

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