Ink Swab: Colorverse Golden Record

The last Colorverse Voyager I ink that I tried is called Golden Record, and wow it’s pretty gorgeous. It has warm orange and brown hues that remind me of the colors of autumn. It’s pretty striking in person. It’s inks like this that truly remind me of what I like best about fountain pen inks. The color is rich, has beautiful shading, and looks like the strokes haveĀ  been painted on. Ballpoint or rollerball pens will never achieve shading as gorgeous as this. The lines look like caramel pooling in some spots.

It flows moderate to wet and made my pen just glide on paper. It dries fast, at a little under 15 seconds. The color reminds me of Akkerman Hopjesbruin, but this is definitely more saturated, so the shading shows more varied shades of orange and brown. The contrast between the light and dark shades, together with the red component of the ink make it look like the lighter edges are glowing. It’s super beautiful. Here are a few writing samples.

This is just so lovely, I really wish it’s available in its own (bigger) bottle. It looks much better in person, I highly recommend trying this ink out for yourself especially if you’re a big fan of reds/oranges/browns.

I bought my set of Colorverse Voyager I Limited Edition inks at Everything Calligraphy.

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