Ink Swab: Colorverse Interstellar Space

The third ink I tried from the Colorverse Limited Edition Voyager I set is “Interstellar Space”, a puzzling name because the color doesn’t evoke anything about interstellar space. The color is actually an earthy, dusky green.

The ink is really gorgeous, though. I was like “wow, I wish this came in a BIG bottle”. It reminded me of De Atramentis Black Green, but it’s more saturated and has more green in it. It doesn’t have pronounced sheen or dramatic shading, but the color is oh, so delicious. I knew right away it would be a perfect complementary color to Jupiter Flyby.

I love that they both have this matte-like texture after they’ve dried on paper. The colors look striking, and it kind of gives me that vintage-y vibe. Interstellar Space looks like green with a bit of grey thrown in, like camo-green.

The flow is, for me, a consistently moderate flow. I used a Parker 51 pen with a medium nib for the writing sample and journal entry.

It dries moderately fast, at a little over 20 seconds. It’s not water proof or water resistant, and leaves behind a faint green line after soaking a few seconds. Here are a few close ups of the writing sample.

Overall, it’s a very interesting shade of green. I really wish this came in regular-sized ink bottles because it’s so beautiful.

Colorverse inks are available at Everything Calligraphy.

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