Ink Swab: De Atramentis Black Green (Deepwater Obsession)


I got this bottle from Everything Calligraphy because I thought, hey another dark green ink! It is a bit surprising, though. The color isn’t exactly what I would call dark green, but rather a moderately dark moss green.


I loaded it up in my Parker 51, which has a medium nib and is usually a moderately wet writer. My first impression was that it wrote a bit on the dry side.


It also dried up pretty fast (about 15 seconds or less). I think it’s more of a moss green ink because it has some grayish undertones to it. I think De Atramentis Jane Austen and Diamine green black are closer to my idea of a green-black ink. This ink is just not dark enough to be called black-anything.


Anyway, I did like this ink too because it’s a nice shade of green. This strange misnomer aside, I think that this ink’s grayish, subdued shade is quite attractive. It doesn’t pop out of the page, and my first thought when I tried it out was that my dad would have loved this ink.

Being a dry-flowing ink, it’s best to use it with wet writers. It’s not waterproof (it is a standard ink, after all), but it leaves a gray outline on the paper when smeared with water. I like the close up shots of the writing sample, it shows some shading that emphasizes the grayish undertones with the muted green color.

P9056894 P9087002 P9087003

Used in this review:
Pen – Parker 51 Aerometric, Medium nib
Ink – De Atramentis Black Green from Everything Calligraphy

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