Ink Swab: De Atramentis Coffee Ink


What is it about the scent of coffee that is so comforting and makes you want to drink it, like a reflex action? Haha. I took a whiff of this ink from the bottle and I had a mental image of myself sipping it. It smells like a nice cup of espresso. I took out my TWSBI Micarta and inked it up right away.


My first impression of the ink is that it flows so well. I expected it to take a long time to dry, but I was surprised to see that it only took about 10 seconds. I tried it on different kinds of paper and always came out with 10 seconds or a tiny bit more. That’s pretty awesome. Like my other De Atramentis inks so far, this ink writes wet. It’s so pleasant to write with because it glistens on paper and the nib just practically glides because the ink flow is excellent.

The scent of coffee fades after a while, but it makes the writing experience pretty interesting. While I wrote, I keep on smelling that wonderful scent of coffee. It has this relaxing effect on me because I often associate coffee-drinking with my quiet times writing in my journal and reading.


The color of the ink is a very pleasant, rich brown with a slightly reddish tint. It looks more like chocolate, I think. Like many brown inks, this looks perfect for daily writing.


It’s not water proof but it does leave a light brown impression when it comes in contact with water. It does not creep on the nib, and what’s remarkable is that the ink does not show through or feather too much in cheap paper. My least fp-friendly paper took it well, surprisingly. Also, the shading is gorgeous! Take a look at the close up shots of the writing sample:

P9056888 P9056889 P9056890

All in all, I think it’s a great brown ink. I love the flow, I love that it dries quickly, I love how expressive the shading is, and of course I love how it smells!

In this review:
Ink is De Atramentis Coffee from Everything Calligraphy
Pen is TWSBI Micarta with a cursive italic nib by Pentangeli
Paper is some loose paper I found lying around, because I ran out of my favorite paper sheets for my ink reviews. 🙁

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