Ink Swab: De Atramentis Jane Austen


This bottle was part of the batch I preordered a while back through Everything Calligraphy. I have to say that I am soooo happy with the inks I chose for that preorder period. I think this bottle of Jane Austen is my favorite, and not just because it’s a green colored ink (I’ve never met a green ink I did not like).


I generally prefer olive greens to other kinds of green ink. I was a little hesitant about this color at first because I thought it lacked depth and wasn’t very interesting-looking. Then I got it through the courier, inked up my Bexley Corona with it, and I was so pleasantly surprised at how striking this color is.


It is a vibrant dark green. It reminds me of green velvet used for Christmas decors because the color it leaves on the page looks thick and soft. It writes as a very wet, glistening dark green and dries to a vibrant color with beautiful shading. I used this pen with the 1.1 mm nib, it gave me such expressive, beautiful shading that I found it hard to stop writing. It’s like painting with words, really.


The ink behaves well. I’ve been using it for days and the flow is good. I would say it has¬†a consistent moderate flow. It’s not prone to nib creep, either. I like the saturation of this ink. It’s not too much of a dark green that makes it nearly indistinguishable from black unless under certain kinds of light…no, this ink is undoubtedly green. It’s obvious and unapologetic in being Christmas-y green. The shading is a darker shade of green. I like that it doesn’t seem to have pronounced undertones of other colors. It makes the shade look less complex, yes, but that has a certain appeal to it too.

I would definitely use this for daily writing. It’s easy to read, pleasant to use, and dries up really nice without losing its vibrant color, even in more absorbent paper. It’s not waterproof, nor is it remarkably water resistant. it dries a bit slow (20 seconds, more or less). I don’t mind, though, it’s gorgeous! A few close up shots of the beautiful shading:

P9056882 P9086999 P9087001

Used in this review:
Pen (not in the photos above) – Bexley Corona, 1.1mm steel nib
Ink – De Atramentis Jane Austen from Everything Calligraphy

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