Ink Swab: De Atramentis Thomas Alva Edison


This ink was preordered a while back through Everything Calligraphy and I must admit that I was curious because I wanted to have an ink with my namesake on it. My mom got my first name from this famous historical personality. Also, it seemed to be a nice dark red ink. It’s a little hard to determine if the color is really good or not based on online swabs because there’s not a lot of it out there. In any case, I still preordered it and when I got it last weekend, I was surprised at how beautiful this ink was.


I paired it with my Cross Century II (medium nib) and it was perfect. The flow was awesome on this pen. My first impression was that it looked similar to Yama Budo but it wasn’t exactly the same. It was also a nice, vibrant shade of magenta but more on the red side. As it dries, it becomes slightly more pink.


Surprisingly, even if the flow is beautifully wet, it dries up quickly. I think lefties are gonna love this. It’s so much fun to use when taking notes because it’s nicely saturated, it flows so well, and it’s not so pink that it’s hard to look at on a page. It’s actually quite subdued in color and when you use it with a wet nib, the shading is pretty dark. It reminds me of rose petals that are a richer shade of crimson towards the middle of the flower.

Here is a comparison between De Atramentis Thomas Alva Edison, R&K Alt Bordeaux and Iroshizuku Yama Budo (in that order, from left to right).


For the kind of saturation it has, the shading is pretty awesome. It gives off a nice color variation because the shading is pretty expressive. Here are a few close up shots of it.

P9086998 P9086997 P9056887 P9056883

Overall, the ink is so pleasant to use because the flow is wonderful (I would consider it a moderate to wet-flowing ink). It well-behaved, dries fast, and though it’s not very water resistant it does leave a red outline behind when exposed to some drops of water. I like it especially when paired with white paper. Definitely a must-have for magenta-colored ink lovers.

In this review:
Pen – Cross Century II Medalist, Medium
Ink – De Atramentis Thomas Alva Edison from Everything Calligraphy

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