Ink Swab: Diamine Amaranth


Pilot Iroshizuku Yama-Budo has definitely opened a door. Before I tried Yama-Budo, I was almost completely sure that I don’t want to try pink inks (or magenta, in the case of Yama-Budo). I find pink a little too soft a color for daily use. I got this ink sample of Diamine Amaranth from Elias Notebooks among a few other pink inks. I was pleasantly surprised to find a few pinks that I liked. Diamine Amaranth is my favorite among the samples, though.


I wrote this review with a Cross Century II (medium nib). I have a feeling it will look even prettier with a finer nib. I’m not a big pink lover, in general, but this one is really pretty. I like that it’s saturation is high enough to make it readable and low enough to show off its pink-ness with pride.


This ink has a moderate flow and it dries surprisingly fast, even with a wet, medium nib. It’s a well-behaved ink, I haven’t encountered it flowing dry or overly wet. It’s not prone to feathering.


I wouldn’t say that you can use this for official purposes, or at work. I sometimes use Yama-Budo as a substitute for red ink whenever I need it, but this shade is decidedly pink. I think it’s great to use on a variety of things, though. I personally enjoyed using it to add accents on the notes that I take, and for journal entries. It writes light, but it gets darker as it dries up. The color reminds me of a soft old rose hue. It’s very relaxing to look at.


It’s not water-proof, and water washes away most traces of it except some lines of very, very light pink. It also shows some shading. Here are a few close ups of the writing sample:

P6055023 P6055022 P6055021

Pretty shading, huh? It’s an uncomplicated, muted shade of pink and I’m very much drawn to it.

Used in this review:
Diamine Amaranth from Elias Notebooks
Large Dot Grid Journal from Elias Notebooks
Cross Century II, medium

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