Ink Swab: Diamine Macassar


I love brown and green inks. I have several shades of those color in my ink collection. A couple of weeks ago, I ordered a small bottle of Diamine Macassar to go with my new Elias journal. I didn’t try it immediately because I’m still enjoying my other new brown inks. I was only able to try it recently and I think the color matches my TWSBI Micarta perfectly. It’s a serious shade of Dark brown. Almost like dark chocolate. It’s so dark that it has a velvety rich vibe to it. I used it with Edison Pearlette’s 1.1mm nib and the ink looks almost black.


Drying time is a little slow on Elias paper, about 30 seconds. It’s faster on the first photo (TWSBI Notebook), about 10 seconds. It’s a pretty wet ink, though also very well-behaved. It didn’t cause nib creep and (depending on the paper) it does show some shading, but not too much. It really is a formal-looking brown.

I should do a lineup of my top brown inks. It’s the perfect excuse to buy more. You know, for the purpose of trying them out before I pick the top 15. Or 20. Hrhrhr.

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