Ink Swab: Diamine Safari (Anniversary Ink)


Ahhh, the long wait is over. I’ve waited for the anniversary inks to be available again and now they are! When this came through courier this morning, I can hardly wait to try it.


I’ve had my eye on this color since the anniversary inks were released a few months back. I love green and brown inks and inks that seem to be mixtures of green and brown. Diamine’s anniversary ink is a beautiful safari green, and it was love at first write.


I used a TWSBI Micarta and a piece of ivory-colored Bevania Splendorgel cardboard paper on this review. I have a feeling the ink would look even more awesome in wider nib grades.


This ink is close to burma road brown, but is more decidedly green than brown. It looks like olive green with undertones of brown and yellow, which makes for interesting shading. Speaking of which, the shading on this ink is spectacularly expressive. Much like the other Diamine anniversary inks (especially Terracotta). This ink’s character really shines through even if I’m using TWSBI Micarta’s medium nib (which looks more like a fine nib). It’s like Diamine Dark Olive (POGI) splashed with a  bit of golden brown.


The ink flows pleasantly wet and dries fast (10 seconds). It’s not very water resistant, though. Soaking it in some drops of water for 30 seconds washed most of the ink away, although some traces can still be seen, enough to make out the lines drawn.

Here are a few closeups of writing samples. Note the wonderful shading of the ink.


Overall, I think Diamine Safari is a wonderful green ink. I love, love, love it a lot! It’s unusual and beautiful without being too crazy. I can definitely use this for daily writing.

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  1. Nice review Pao. Thanks. That made me purchase this ink!!
    Have you tried the newly released Diamine Classic Green ink? That looks similar to the Safari. Also Sailor Epinard looks close.

      1. Hi Pao. I am wondering how you would describe the difference between the Diamine Safari and the DA Olive Green? Which one do you like best?

        1. Diamine Safari has a bit of brown to it, it’s an earthier kind of green. Olive green is much lighter. I personally prefer diamine safari because it’s easier to read. 🙂

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