Ink Swab: Diamine Shimmertastic Inks – Golden Sands


I’ve been waiting for these inks to be available locally since it has been released. I had my eye on a particular color of these Shimmertastic inks–Golden Sands. From the writing samples I saw online, I thought that the golden brown base color is very pretty. I ordered this bottle from Everything Calligraphy and it arrived yesterday (with a couple of chocnuts, yay!), much to my excitement. The bottle’s label is pretty, I love it. But the opening of the bottle is almost the same (if not the same) as their 30ml bottles. Sigh, Diamine, would it kill you to widen the opening a bit so my Bexley Corona fits more comfortably? A minor annoyance, this small bottle opening. :-/


Look at those golden particles. Compared with Emerald of Chivor, these micronized gold bits seem to be denser. They clump together near the bottom and it takes a good shaking to disperse them again. It kind of reminds me of the gold particles of Stormy Grey. They seem heavier.


The base color of this ink is so pretty. It reminds me of Diamine Sepia, only a bit more yellow. Maybe it looks more like amber. That kind of yellow-brown makes you look twice, it reminds me of the color of leaves in fall, quite lovely! The shading is gorgeous too. Even without the gold bits, I love the base color of this ink a lot.


I like that the ink doesn’t look gaudy, which was what I was worried of because it’s basically gold on gold. I thought it would make the ink hard to read under some lights, but it turns out that the distribution of particles is pretty good, you can see the character and appearance of the base ink pretty well. Under some kinds of light, the bling shines through…

PB018276 PB018275

It doesn’t make the letters look like they’re written with gold ink, though. You can still obviously see that the base color is a nice golden brown, and that it’s got some expressive shading.


The ink’s flow is a bit on the dry to medium side. I wish that it’s a bit more flow-y, but it’s all good. Compared with Emerald of Chivor, it has more shading to it, although the color doesn’t have EoC’s depth (thanks to the red sheen and gold particles), but it is still a pretty ink. Takes about 10-15 seconds to dry on Tomoe River paper, and it’s not particularly water-resistant. It’s best to use on wet writers with medium or broad nibs. Probably not what you would use for daily writing, this kind of brown is pretty unconventional and not something you can use for official documents. Still, it makes journal entries and personal letters so very, very pretty.

I’ll observe the pen I used with it (a Lamy Studio with a medium nib), and will update this entry if it ends up clogging my pen (highly doubtful). ­čÖé

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