Ink Swab: Dominant Industry Earl Gray Tea

This is the first ink that caught my eye after I finished swatching the Dominant Industry inks sent by Everything Calligraphy. I was immediately drawn to it because it looked so nicely saturated and warm and really did remind me of earl grey tea.

The ink has a watery consistency, and at first it seemed like it would be too light on the paper but the color develops as it dries and the shading looks like a beautiful mixture of yellow, orange, red, and some brown. It dries relatively quickly at about 20 seconds (I used a wet medium nib and tomoe river paper for this), and the flow is on the wet side. I love the expressive shading on this ink, in varied shades of red orange, just so beautiful. It’s almost like the letters are aglow. More photos below:

I think these are launching with Everything Calligraphy sometime this coming week. <3