Ink Swab: Dominant Industry Periwinkle Blue

Dominant Industry’s Periwinkle Blue is a bit hard to capture on photo. Sometimes it looks baby blue, sometimes it’s milky blue with purple tones, sometimes it looks dark blue. I think this is one of those inks that you really need to see in person in order to appreciate. Like the first two Dominant Industry inks that I tried (thanks to Everything Calligraphy for sending those free samples, yay!), Periwinkle Blue flows wet, almost watery at first. Then the colors develop on the page and show off wonderful shading of different shades of blue and pink. It’s a whimsical ink color that looks really fun to use. It dries pretty quickly too, at a little over 15 seconds. I like this. I don’t have a similar-looking ink, so I will get a bottle of this for my personal collection.

Here’s a few photos of the writing sample: