Ink Swab: Sailor Tokiwa Matsu (Evergreen Pine)


I got this ink a few weeks ago as a consolation because Scribe still did not have Noodler’s Burma Road Brown and Blue Black in stock. I recently tried it in two wet writers and wow, it’s a pleasant surprise in a bottle.


I used Tokiwa Matsu (Evergreen Pine) with Pelikan Silvexa and Pilot Vanishing Point, both wet writers with medium nibs. What an unusual green ink this is. It reminds me of star apples because it’s both rich, dark green and red. You don’t notice it right away with fine nibs, but when you use medium nibs and you see the ink pooling and drying up in places, you’ll discover how wonderfully complex it really is.


I can’t really say that it’s a red sheen, although it is sheen-y. It’s more like red shading. It doesn’t even need to catch light at a certain angle before you see that it’s both red and green at the same time.

It dries slow, though (about 20-25 seconds) and even if it’s a highly-saturated ink, it’s not very water resistant.

Here are a few close up shots of the writing sample which shows the red shading and sheen on this wonderful ink.


I think I just found the ink which I’ll use for my Christmas cards this year. ^_^

0 thoughts on “Ink Swab: Sailor Tokiwa Matsu (Evergreen Pine)

  1. Hi Pao,

    May I ask how much is this one and where did you bought it? (I mean SWE branch)

    I’ve been looking for inks with gradient effect like this.


    1. Hi, Tokiwa Matsu is much more complex. I dubbed it as my “Christmas Ink” because of the pronounced red sheen and dark green base color. DA Olive Green is much, much lighter in person.

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