Ink Swab: Sailor’s Blue Black Ink

Sailor Blue Black001

After I tried Noodler’s blue black ink, I decided to try other brands’ blue black inks too. This is Sailor’s version of that color and, I must stay, I’m pretty disappointed. It’s hardly what I would call blue black. The ink itself is really prone to nib creep too and found it a bit hard to clean off pens. It’s still a beautiful shade of blue, I guess, so I kept it and I still use it once in a while. For those who are looking for a more legit-looking blue black ink, I wouldn’t recommend this.

3 thoughts on “Ink Swab: Sailor’s Blue Black Ink

    1. Hi Cobong! Is that different from Sailor Blue Black? Mayroon talagang Sailor Jentle Blue Black? I didn’t know. I’ll check Scribe and ask if they have it.

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