Ink Swab: Troublemaker Inks Bantayan Turquoise

As I wrote in my last entry, I bought a couple of Troublemaker Inks to try out recently. I picked out these two colors because they popped out of the page for me. Bantayan Turquoise (which I am assuming is named after the waters around Bantayan Island) is a brilliant, beautiful turquoise-colored ink. I don’t have a lot of turquoise inks in my collection, there’s none that looks too similar to this one.

First off, the bottle looks like Diamine’s bottle but taller and the material feels thinner. I like the minimalist approach to it, and at least the opening of the bottle is wide enough to accommodate my fattest pens. The bottle is a bit light, so be careful when you fill your pen because it might tip over.

The flow that I picked for both inks is Wet, and I would recommend this for pens with xf or f nibs because the flow is really very wet. In hindsight, since I have mostly medium nibs, I should probably have chosen the moderate ink flow. I inked a Parker 75 with a fine nib, Sailor Morita Progear Mini with a Broad nib, and Bexley Corona with a 1.1mm nib.

Since the flow is so wet, there’s not much shading to show off, but the color is just so beautiful. I’m glad that it’s not too bright, and that the balance between the green and blue components makes it a bit difficult to say which is more dominant. If you are using non-fp friendly paper, this will feather like fluffy chicken. It shows a bit of feathering on Leuchtturm 1917 but, oddly enough, not too much bleed through except a few dots here and there.

Here’s an example of a journal page written with the broad-nibbed pen:

It’s not waterproof, by any stretch, though. It also dries relatively fast, for its level of wetness. The writing sample took about 15 seconds to dry. Here are a few close ups of the writing sample:

Overall, I like what I’m seeing. Next time I will probably order inks with moderate flow, and I hope that there will be more delivery options available other than Philpost. I like the color, it’s a pretty shade suitable for everyday writing. I think the people behind Troublemaker Inks did a great job on it.

More information on the inks here:

One thought on “Ink Swab: Troublemaker Inks Bantayan Turquoise

  1. Thanks for the review. I am going in a few to Ayala to purchase a Guitar Blue from them as well. Hope the pans out well with my TWSBI Eco, considering it has even better flow than my Lamy Joy Calligraphy Pen (which I find weird because Lamy has a broader nib).

    I did ask them to put the wetness somewhere close to Montblanc ink.

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