Ink Swab: Vinta Blaze 1970 (Silab)

I love the significance of the name Vinta picked for this color. Blaze 1970 commemorates the “First Quarter Storm”, an early wave of student-led demonstrations against the administration of dictator Ferdinand Marcos. The name certainly fits this fiery, red-orange ink.

I’m not really a fan of orange ink, I think I only have one in my collection. As far as orange inks go, this one’s pretty good. It really pops on the page. I’ve been using it on my planner as a contrasting ink to draw attention to overdue tasks and for important notes. It complements black, blue, and green inks pretty well. I know it’s part of the Vintage Edition but I think it has a neon-like quality to it.

It’s highly saturated and the red component of the ink stained the cartridge that I used to write the review above so I would not recommend it if you’re using a demonstrator that is easily stained.

Performance-wise, it has a nice flow. Not too dry, not too wet. It does have some shading but it’s not too noticeable because of how saturated the ink is. It also has a subtle gold sheen, though I would not classify it as a monster sheener. The drying time is moderately quick, at around 15-20 seconds.

My only gripe about this particular color is that it doesn’t seem to fit the other two colors in the Vintage Edition (Peregrino and Binibini). It’s a nice color, but I think an old-timey green would have been a better fit.

Here are a few close ups of the writing sample:

Pen used: Kaweco Fox, medium nib
Paper used: Tomoe River

Blaze 1970 (Silab) will be released on April 7, 2021 at Vinta Inks.

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