Ink Swab: Vinta Laguna 1605

Next up in my review of their Heritage collection is Vinta’s Laguna 1605 (St. John’s). The name is from St. John’s Parish in Calamba, Laguna which was built in 1605. The church is known for its brick red exterior and baroque architecture. The color of the ink reminds me more of rose petals. Those blood-red roses which has petals that go from dark red (almost black) to rich, velvety red. I think this color reminds me of De Atramentis Thomas Alva Edison or Red Black, except it’s redder. This is the kind of red that’s suitable for daily writing.

I would put the flow at moderate to slightly wet. It’s nicely saturated, and at first look it doesn’t look like it has shading, but it does. It doesn’t have any noticeable sheening. I like that it dries up in a color that’s dark cherry red, not like magenta or oxidized blood. I would say it’s a true red black. I’ll go back to this page a few months later to see if it changes color over time.

Here are a few close ups of the writing sample:

Vinta Inks are available here. Their Heritage collection should be up soon.

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