Ink Swab: Vinta Lakambini 1950 (The Maiden)

I’m not a huge pink fan so I decided to test this ink a little later, but I think Vinta does pink inks really well. This is Vinta’s Lakambini 1950 (The Maiden), the name and the color is based on a Lola Basyang story about a slave’s daughter who won a prince’s hand in marriage by overcoming the king’s challenges through her wit and cunning. Yet another Lola Basyang story I don’t know! Oh my goodness, I feel bad about that. Lola Basyang’s radio drama show became popularized in the 1950’s.

I like the base color of this ink, it’s a very mellow pastel pink. Very easy on the eyes and has really cute shading. You can see some hints of soft purple in places where ink pools and around the outlines of some strokes. I like that it’s not bubblegum pink, but a softer, more readable pink. Surprisingly, this ink dries fast too, at about 15 seconds even with a stub nib on Tomoe River paper. Be warned though that this is a very shimmery ink. There’s no discernible sheen on it, but the shimmer is very pronounced. You can really see the gold shimmer on the paper even without having to catch light at an angle. You can also see the shimmer on the nib’s fins right away. It’s best used with pens that are easy to disassemble for cleaning. Or if you like the base color with just a hint of shimmer here and there, don’t shake the bottle before filling your pen. Let the gold shimmer settle to the bottom first before you fill your pen.

It’s also a bit surprising that the color doesn’t spread out when wet. It’s not water proof, but the color can hold up in water better than most non-water proof inks, as you can see in the writing sample above.

Overall, it’s a sweet and whimsical color and I think the Fairytale lineup really wouldn’t be complete without it. Below are some close ups of the writing sample.

You can go to Vinta’s Facebook Page or their website for more information on their new Fairytale Collection.