Ink Swab: Vinta Lakbay 1861 (Sea and Sky)

The first ink I tried from Vinta’s new Fairytale Collection is Lakbay 1861 (Sea and Sky). The name is from a Lola Basyang story called “Kapatid ng Tatlong Maria”. The 1861 in the name refers to the year that Severino Reyes, the writer of Lola Basyang stories, was born. I haven’t read this story yet! I must look it up. The base color of the ink if pale blue with just a hint of green to make it a faint teal. It also has red shimmer on it. I like the softness of this color, it’s very relaxing to the eyes. The base color is nice shading on it, I think the red shimmer gives an illusion of a pinkish shading. It looks very magical, like the gown of a fairy godmother. The darker spots show off the teal color of the ink, and the lighter spots are almost powder blue by comparison. The whole page that I wrote looks almost pearlescent in person.

The drying time is pretty fast, even for a 1.1mm nib, at about 15-20 seconds. On the papers that I tried (Tomoe River and Midori), it doesn’t feather or bleed through. The normal caveat for shimmer inks apply–it’s advisable to use it on pens that are easy to maintain and clean, don’t let it sit unused for long periods of time.

Overall, I think this ink is super cute and it’s a whimsical color, but the saturation still makes it readable. I used it for titles and headers in my planner, and it really pops out of the page, it’s so cute.

The Fairytale Collection will be available on Vinta Inks’ website on February 28.

(DISCLAIMER: I received this ink free from Vinta. Read my About page to learn more about my review posts.)