Ink Swab: Vinta Makopa 1938

I’m catching up on my reviews of Vinta’s new ink collection. I barely had the chance to do anything fun like this during quarantine. Today’s review is of Makopa 1938 or Malayan Apple. Also called rose apple or java apple, I believe. Its scientific name was first pubished in 1938, hence the number on the Filipino name. I had to Google what makopa looked like because I had already forgotten about it, but there was a time in my childhood when we ate this fruit every week. We attended a church with makopa trees planted around it and the fruit was plentiful. We just picked them up and ate them with salt.

This ink color is a bit hard to pin down, at first it looks like dark purple, but under certain lights and as it dries up, the pink really shows through. It ends up being somewhere between purple and pink, and with a beautiful gold sheen. The sheen is even noticeable in Midori Cotton paper, which is what I used for the writing sample above. When you mix water with it, it really shows the light pink, red, a bit of yellow. It’s nicely saturated so it doesn’t show off a lot of shading except if you use Tomoe River paper. It flows wet too, so the nib just glides on paper. I think the color is close to Pilot Iroshizuku Yama Budo. This one will be legible even with fine or xf nibs. Here are a few close ups of the writing sample.

Vinta Inks are available here. Although as of the time I wrote this review, the new collection isn’t up yet. I bought a few of my favorites through the pre-order before the quarantine started.

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