Ink Swab: Vinta Pagtangi 1958 (Clouds of Grey)

The next ink I tried from Vinta’s Fairytale collection is Pagtangi 1958 (Clouds of Grey). The color was inspired by a Lola Basyang story called “Kastilyong Gawa sa Bakal”, which is about a young princess trapped in an iron castle. Hence, the greenish-grey color. 1958 is the year that the first Lola Basyang film was released by Sampaguita Films.  I can’t believe how many Lola Basyang stories I don’t know! I thought I was familiar with a lot of them but apparently not.

Among all the inks in the collection, this didn’t immediately catch my attention when I swabbed all the colors, but when you use it for writing, it really does grow on you. It’s a fascinating ink that doesn’t fit comfortably in just one color. The base color is a light grey that is almost greenish in person. Under some lights, it can be a soft, almost pastel green. It has very expressive shading that is sometimes pink, sometimes purple. So when you try to describe it, just saying “grey” really doesn’t do the color justice. It really does remind me of grey skies during sunset–sometimes it’s grey but with warm spots here and there, the the subtle pink fading away as the day ends. It’s accentuated by subtle gold shimmer. I think I already like the base color as it is, but the shimmer does add a very dreamy touch to it.

It dries pretty fast too, about 15 seconds with a stub, more or less. I was expecting it to take a long time to dry but it didn’t really need a lot of time. It’s also pretty well-behaved on the papers I tried it with (Tomoe River and Midori). The usual reminders about shimmer inks apply, of course. Only use shimmer inks in pens that are easy to clean, preferrably something that can be taken apart when you wash it, and don’t leave it too long in a pen without using it to avoid clogs.

Overall, this color I think is suitable for daily writing. It has a very dreamy quality to it, but it’s saturated enough to be readable, and the subtleties in the shading makes it such an interesting ink to look at on paper. Especially if you use good paper that really shows off shading and shimmer.

Here’s a closer look at the writing samples:

The Fairytale Collection will be released on February 28, 2022. Check out Vinta’s website for more details.

(DISCLAIMER: I received this ink free from Vinta. Read my About page to learn more about my review posts.)