Ink Swab: Vinta Pilgrim’s Blue 1970 (Peregrino)

Like Blaze 1970, I like the significance of the name the Vinta team picked for this ink — Pilgrim’s Blue. It’s in remembrance of Pope Paul VI’s visit to the Philippines in 1970. The color is a homage to the iconic habits of the nuns who bravely held the line against advancing troops and tanks during the first EDSA People Power revolution. I really like that Vinta made room in this collection for statements on activism and standing up against tyranny.

At first glance, Pilgrim’s Blue reminded me of Vinta Lucia, one of my favorite inks and the only color that I have three bottles of right now. A closer look shows that Lucia is more powder blue, lighter than than Pilgrim’s Blue. It’s a happy blue that makes me want to wear blue jeans and go out but wait, we’re on ECQ again. Deja vu. Here’s a comparison with Vinta Lucia (from the first collection) and Pop! 1993 from the Neon Edition:

I used this ink with a fine-nibbed Platinum Prefounte, a bit nervous at first that it won’t be legible but it was sufficiently saturated and easy to read. It’s a happy-colored ink, suitable for daily use. The shading is quite pretty. Performance-wise, it dries up pretty quick with a fine nib on TR paper, about 10 seconds. On a fine nib, it flows pretty well. I didn’t need to prime my nib to keep it going.

Here’s a few close ups of the writing sample:

Pen used: Platinum Prefounte, Fine
Paper used: Tomoe River

Pilgrim’s Blue 1970 (Peregrino) will be released on April 7, 2021 at Vinta Inks.

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