Ink Swab: Vinta Saysay 1925 (Mystical Eve)

Saysay 1925 (Mystical Eve) is one of my favorites in Vinta’s new Fairytale collection. It’s a beautiful black ink which leans towards blue, like a very dark blue that crossed the spectrum to black. It reminded me of the speedball ink that we used for calligraphy back in high school. When it dries on paper, it’s matte not shiny. It’s a very rich, very beautiful black ink. Then when the light hits it just right, boom, beautiful silver shimmer and copper sheen lights up the dark ink. It’s not extremely sheen-y, just the edges glow copper under certain lights. I would say that it’s a very nondescript black ink until you close closely and see the complexity of the color. It’s like galaxies of stars at night. When water is applied to it, a beautiful combination of teal, purple, pink can easily be coaxed out. I like this one a lot. It’s so dreamy. It reminds me of beautifully clear, cloudless nights when the stars can be seen on the sky.

The color and name was based from Lola Basyang’s “Rosamistica” which is about a kindhearted orphan girl who was rewarded when she gave her last centavo to a mother and child in need. The stories were published in Liwayway magazine on 1925.

The flow of this ink is moderate. I’m relieved it’s not a dry-flowing ink because I wanted to use it in my medium nibs for everyday writing. It dries a tab slower than the other inks in the Fairytale collection, at almost 20 seconds using a 1.1mm stub on Tomoe River paper.

Of course, the usual reminders about shimmer inks apply. Only use shimmer inks in pens that are easy to clean, preferrably something that can be taken apart when you wash it, and don’t leave it too long in a pen without using it to avoid clogs.

Here are close up photos of the writing sample:

Preorders for the Fairytale collection are ongoing now. Head on to their Facebook page or website to learn more.