Jinhao 999 Dragon Pen


Here is another pen from Everything Calligraphy, the Jinhao 999 Dragon pen. My goodness. This is a very intricately-designed pen. I think I spent a good few minutes just looking at the dragon design. It’s really fun to look at. Here are a few close ups of the details:

I like this design because it is quite imposing. The dragon design wrapped around the pen makes it thick and heavy, but it feels pretty solid and tight. I like the design of the¬†cap because it’s just flat, with a yin-yang symbol on the finial. The flat ends give the pen a more hefty, solid look to it.


I also like that the section (like the snake pen) is long and smooth. It makes the pen easier to hold. Best to use it unposted, though. This is a pretty eye-catching pen. It’s hard not to notice it. The girth alone is quite imposing.


It makes me want to learn kung fu, dragon style! It’s a fun pen to use, and i like the overall look and feel of it. Here are the three colors that Everything Calligraphy sent me. The color I like best is the one on the rightmost of the photo below. It looks like pewter too, like the snake pen.


As for the nib, this one wrote well right out of the box. I would put the flow at medium, it’s pleasantly wet-flowing.


A pretty nice fantasy-inspired pen, IMHO. Quite substantial in weight, but it’s a good writer and is pretty¬†darn eye-catching to boot.

This pen is available at Everything Calligraphy.

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