KleverCase for Kindle Paperwhite

Finally, after weeks of waiting, I finally got my KleverCase. I ordered this on August 21, and it arrived at the Las Pinas post office on 9/7 but (our post office being the black hole that it is), I didn’t get a notice that it has already arrived. Good thing I called them this morning, and I was told to just come by and pick it up. I was really looking for a Kindle Paperwhite case that looked unique and old-school, and something I can personalize. I thought this is perfect for what I wanted.

The cover was packed securely, and I love all the little details on it. It even shows who made the case (thanks, Lotty!). This is a small business that hand-binds the covers as they are ordered, so I am really happy that they shipped out the case two days after I placed my order.

I had “The Serial Doodler” printed out on the spine, and I specifically asked for the bookplate to be patterned after something I read in one of my favorite books when I was young. I used to write this on the first page of my books when I was young. I chose this because it brings back happy memories of my childhood, and how my mom encouraged me to read at an early age.

The case is not textured, it feels like a hardbound book. As it says on a sticker on the cover, don’t bend the flap back. You need to hold it like how you would hold a real hardbound book. It’s also not a smart cover. It has no magnets anywhere but it closes the book just fine and it lays down almost flat too.

I thought it would be a bit heavy but turns out it’s even lighter than my current smart case. Here is what it looks like with the Kindle inserted in the holder.

I think it’s pretty neat. It has limitations, things it can’t do that smart covers can do, but I guess that’s part of the analog charm. I like that it doesn’t bend all the way back (because hardbound covers aren’t supposed to). I like the auto-sleep function of my old smartcover but I have a feeling I won’t really miss it that much. I’m curious how long this will hold up, considering I just pop my Kindle in my bag whenever I leave the house.

I wish it didn’t take soooo loooong to get here but I honestly think that it’s worth the wait. Also, it arrived a week before my birthday, so I guess it got here just in time.

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