My First Mechanical Keyboard

Yesterday, my first mechanical keyboard was delivered. I’ve been thinking about this for a while but since I was using a laptop, I didn’t really think I needed it. Last Sunday I finally upgraded to a better-spec’d desktop and I just couldn’t work too well using the regular Logitech plug and play keyboard that felt flimsy and plasticky. A lot of my friends are into these mechanical keyboards and even if I didn’t really understand the lingo, it sounded like a lot of fun. So I hit up my friend and my nephew and asked them several questions to help me decide on the kind of mechanical keyboard that I want, and I ended up with the Royal Kludge RK 100 with brown switches. I will not pretend to know enough about this to get into the details, but I will say…wow. I understand now what my friends are all raving about.

I really love the weight of the whole thing. The keyboard doesn’t move around while I type, and it doesn’t feel flimsy at all. It feels heavy and substantive. I like the feel of the keys when I tap on them. I like the feedback on my fingertips, the thockity-thock sound it makes, the crisp movements of the keys. Much like how fountain pens make writing a lot more pleasurable, this mechanical keyboard makes typing a lot more fun and comfortable.

My vertigo has a hair trigger; I’m very sensitive to light, so I don’t turn on blinking light effects, but I did like the shadow light setting where it lights up the keys as I tap on them. It’s pretty cool. I know all keys are programmable, but I haven’t really explored that yet. I’m just enjoying the sound and the feel of using it. Also, I ordered some pretty XDA keycaps, so hopefully those arrive soon. I’m pretty happy with my purchase, though I don’t see myself going deeper into the rabbit hole because I already like the brown switch that I got and I like the replacement keycaps I ordered, but who knows? I probably said the same thing about fountain pens and look what happened with that, lol.