My New Cyberhome

It’s been years since I last maintained my own domain. It’s also been years since I started my old blogs, The Serial Doodler and My Quiet Place in WordPress. What was once my hobby blog about pens has become a hobby blog about journal art, leather craft, reading, etc. I thought I’d make my life simpler and just turn my hobby blog into a personal blog, a catchall for the things I want to post online because, quite honestly, I don’t have the time to maintain two blogs anymore.

Speaking of hobbies, I feel bad that I haven’t had the time recently to focus on my usual hobbies. I’m going through a very busy season at work (or at least busier than usual), and recently I’ve been focusing on just my personal writings and I’ve been reading a lot. So I thought I would include book reviews in this blog soon. That ought to be fun. 🙂

Thanks for dropping by, if you came from my old blogs. Welcome to my new home in the world wide web. 🙂

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