New Pen Wrap from a Friend

Today I got another birthday present, this time from a friend. She’s one of the people from the very creative team of Junkshop Abubot who specialize in upcycling. My friend Ros (an old friend from waaay back in college) made me a beautiful pen wrap.

IMG_9493 IMG_9494

I love the box. I’m going to fit in some soft fabric and use it as a pen case. Reminds me of the old pencil cases I used to have back in my elementary days.

IMG_9495 IMG_9497

I love all the details about this pen wrap. She said it used to be an old blouse of hers that she repurposed for this project. That’s the great thing about handmade gifts. The people who make them really are giving a part of themselves to you. 🙂


I don’t clip my pens onto the fabric of any pen wrap so as not to stretch the clip or damage the fabric. This pen wrap has thick, comfortable fabric that ensures my pens are snug and safe in them. I actually just pulled out the pens a bit to take a photo, but the wrap is long enough to cover the entire length of my pens. Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I really love it. 🙂

Maybe I should start a pen wrap and pen case collection? ^_^

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