October Mini Pen Meet

Yes, that is a storm trooper hugging my Kaweco Liliput.

It’s always fun to meet up with friends who share the same hobbies as you. Yesterday, I braved the traffic of Manila (which I consider to be cruel and unusual punishment) and commuted all the way to Shangrila mall to meet up with wonderful people. Dean (that super talented artist behind Color Me Doodle adult coloring books), showed us how to use oblique holders and brush pens. I will admit that using those gorgeous holders of his makes me want one for myself. Those are works of art themselves, and they’re just positively exquisite. 🙂 I learned about how to use oblique holders, different kinds of nibs, priming the nibs, etcetera. It was a very educational and fun meet. Look a that gorgeous ornamental bird that he made with flourishes of his nib. That’s just pretty awesome.

There were pen testings, ink exchanges, etcetera. As always, the clutter on our table is directly proportional to the fun we were having. There was a lot of clutter. The awful commute was so worth it. 🙂

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