Parker Vacumatic Debutante Emerald Green

Here’s the newest addition to my pen family. What a beauty it is. It’s a Parker Vacumatic Debutante in Emerald Green and it’s in near mint condition. I have to admit I’ve slowed down significantly in buying pens recently, focusing more on using and caring for those that I already have. I’ve shaved down my wishlist to just a handful of pens that I still want to buy at some point, but I already decided that I wouldn’t be acquiring any more pens that aren’t in my wishlist. This specific pen is in my very short wish list, so I picked it up when a friend told me about it.

There’s not a lot of discoloration on the barrel, you can still see through it. The celluloid rings are clear and pearlescent. It has a blue diamond on the clip and a striped jewel of the same celluloid material on the cap. It also has a chevron and diamond cap band. It’s amazing that something this pristine-looking was made in 1939, just a year before my maternal grandmother was born. This pen has a speedline filler, which was discontinued in 1942 because the metal was used for the war effort.

It says a lot about how vintage pens are made. They can still be enjoyed decades after not just as relics from the past but as writing implements. Here are a few more photos of the pen’s details:

2 thoughts on “Parker Vacumatic Debutante Emerald Green

  1. I am in love with the Parker Vacumatics, and I can’t seem to decide on a size. Do you have leads where I might be able to purchase one like your lovely Emerald Green fountain pen?

    Thanks do much!

    1. Hi Susan, I bought this from a local seller that sells vintage pens (Philippines). You can also try Peyton Street Pens, sometimes they have vacs there. Or you can try eBay, although of course there’s no telling whether the pen you get is working or not. You may need to have it serviced if it’s not working. Local pen shows are great sources of vintage pens too. 🙂

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