My recent journal entries are about little choices that help us eat healthier at home. Because of the pandemic, my family and I haven’t eaten out since late February, which translates to more home cooked meals. It’s definitely more labor intensive and takes a lot of planning, plus buying more groceries or having them delivered. I’ve never cooked so much in my entire life. I think that’s great, though. We do still support our favorite restaurants, but it’s easier to avoid eating outside when you’re rarely outside. People have a lot of time to cook these days and learn new things. The effort we give with thinking about what to cook inevitably results to giving our food more careful thought.

I bought several plants a few weeks ago because I’ve always wanted to have my own herb garden. Not all of them are flourishing, though. The curly parsley’s so hard to raise, the leaves are so delicate. As usual, the basil plants are the easiest to raise. I’ve propagated new plants a couple of times already. I’ll have a lot of them soon enough. I have a new plant that came in the mail today, a pot of chives. Yum. I already trimmed the leaves to prevent transplant shock. My favorite is my dill plant, though. It’s so lush and it’s getting quite big. Also, wow that plant is delicious. I put it in omelette and pasta sauce, etc., it’s so yummy. Having more herbs to use in cooking just makes everything more flavorful. I’m enjoying it a lot.

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