Review: Cross Century II Medalist, Medium


My husband bought me this pen as a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s a Cross Century II Medalist, and yes it’s very shiny. It’s chrome with gold trim, and it’s got some age to it.

My first impression of this pen was that it’s really pretty. It’s slim and elegant, probably the slimmest full-sized fountain pen I have in my collection. Despite it’s thinness, though, the weight is pleasantly substantial (about 23 grams). It hits the sweet spot of not being so heavy that it causes hand fatigue after long periods of writing, and not so light that it feels cheap. I like the weight of the pen especially when posted. The length of the pen makes it comfortable to use whether posted or unposted, but posting it gives is that extra heft. The cap has an inner plastic tube that hugs the end of the barrel snugly. It doesn’t give you that grating feeling that it might scratch the barrel. In fact, it makes snapping the cap on and off feel smooth and secure. That cap has CROSS engraved on the clip and at the top.


The medalist design on the cap and barrel is also pretty. It adds a classy texture to the pen. I must admit that I don’t like pens that look look all smooth, shiny and flat. I like texture, depth of colors, something that will look great as the pen develops a patina through the years.


The section of the pen is made of what looks to be hard plastic with some ribbing. I was happy to note that the section is pleasantly long. I love pens with long sections because it makes for comfortable writing. For people like me who spend hours upon hours writing, this is a huge plus. The long section and the slender profile of the pen makes it one of the more comfortable writers that I have.


The pen uses a piston-type converter. It fits snugly inside the barrel and holds a relatively large amount of ink because it’s longer than most piston type converters that I have.


The nib of this pen is gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. It looks very svelte, and the engravings on it are elegant. It’s as sexy as the pen itself. The feed under it is a tad fat, though, and it could be a bit problematic for people who write at a low angle. I had absolutely no problems with it.


It also writes like a dream. It’s generous with ink and shows off shading nicely. The nib is so smooth, it feels like there’s a cushion between it and the paper. The feed keeps up with fast writing and doesn’t skip, hard start or railroad. I noticed it is a little unforgiving of rotation. When I rotate my grip, it skips a bit. I tried capping it for a few days and it doesn’t dry up or hard start even after days of being unused. Please see the video of the writing sample below.┬á

Some parts of the video show the pen skipping a little while writing. It’s because I rotated my grip a bit. As mentioned earlier, it’s a lot more unforgiving of rotation than my other pens.

To summarize, this pen is very presentable and I think it’s classically beautiful. It’s not too flashy, but it’s certainly not shabby either. It’s a reliable writer and I like using it for long hours of writing because the weight is pleasant and the section is comfortable to the grip. It’s a great pen! I appreciate that my husband pays attention to the things I like about pens, right down to the nib grade.

I’m very happy with it and it’s made it to my weekly rotation. There’s nothing to dislike about this pen. It’s an excellent writer and it’s easy on the eyes. ­čÖé

4 thoughts on “Review: Cross Century II Medalist, Medium

  1. Pao, I’m wandering around inside your blog finding all sorts of lovely things…and here’s another! I’ve always walked past Cross pens without a second glance, but now you’ve pointed out that beautiful nib….

    1. Same here, Jeff. I’ve never really been interested in Cross pens. My husband bought me this pen as a gift and at first I thought I won’t use it much but it turned out to be a wonderful writer. It’s one of those pens that are so great to use for extended periods of time. The weight is just right, the nib is smooth, the section is comfortable. Overall, just a wonderful pen.

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